Tuesday, June 1, 2010

C.S. Lewis Contest Update.

Well, this is it guys: the last day to get your short stories to me!  I've recieved seven and just added another one to the contest page titlted "The Cornerstone".  Very good writing people!  I must say, I was intrigued with this entry as the author used the rare and not often fondly looked upon "Second Person" POV.  I honestly think the author handled it well.  So go on over and check it out.  Within the next few days I'll have a poll up and running.  I can't wait to see who actually wins this!

On another note entirely, I know I haven't posted anything "meaningful" in a few days.  Why?  Actually, it's not because I've hit a block or anything; rather, it's because I'm working on several ideas for meaningful posts at the exact same time!  Yep, that's me again: multi tasking all the way!  Or multi-writing, or whatever.

Anyway, enough of my distracted rambling!  I promise that the next post will have something more interesting involved in it.  :)

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Galadriel said...

Second person POV?
*goes to investigate*