Monday, May 31, 2010


This will be a relatively short post, but I have uploaded 2 more stories in the C.S. Lewis Contest: "The Prophesy" and "Kelsey".  I will also be updating one of the stories already posted and will let you know when that is finished.  Tuesday is the last day I will be accepting submissions.  A poll will go up shortly after.  Have fun reading the entries!  I'm curious to know who will win now.

On another note, I hope to be posting at least one more book review within the next few days, and perhaps finally get some awards taken care of.  Some of you out there have been kind enough to give my blog some awards, and I am more than happy to award them to others as well!!! :)  It's just finding the time to do it that really has me stumped.  But have no fear!  I will get it done!  Eventually....  :D

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