Sunday, May 2, 2010

The C.S. Lewis Contest is Underway!

Hello all,

May is finally here and now the C.S. Lewis contest is open for submissions.  I just recieved the first one today, and I've now set up a page on the blog just for the contest; when I recieve a submission I'll post it on that page, so be sure to check in often to read the new entries.

At the moment, I'm not posting the names of authors; this is to make sure the contest remains fair.  If no one else knows who wrote what, then judging will be based on the story itself and the writing.  That way we don't have just a bunch of people voting for one story just because they're good friends with the author or something.... 'course, that doesn't mean it won't happen anyway, but its worth a shot, right?

However, no one needs to worry about whether or not thier story will get mixed up with anyone elses; I will save all the stories in a special folder in my email, so be sure to put at least your blogger username in the subject bar so I know which story belongs to who.  If the author of the winning story would like to continue using thier screen name after the contest, that is fine as well.  Just remember that the winning story will be posted on my blog in hopes that anyone who visits "The Pen and Parchment" will read it and perhaps really like it.  (This includes any potential agents or publishers, so I would highly suggest that the winner allows his real name to be posted with his story... although I do understand safety and privacy issues.)

The first story is finally posted:  it's called "The Heartsmith", and its really good.  I'll post more stories as soon as I recieve them. 



Jake said...

Argh... I'm only a third of the way done with mine. Well, I have till the end of May, anyway.

Gillian said...

Yay! At last I have time to write on mine! I think the coolest part will be getting to read what everyone else has written.

Christian Miles said...

Hello, Nichole! Great idea about writing an article on Cover Letters! I recently had to make one, so I do know what it entails to make a good one. I'll post on that in a few months.

However, you may not have a few months, so I'll give you this link:

That's the best Cover Letter I've found on the net, and I trust the person who made it. Jill Williamson. She's awesome. :)

Just thought I'd send it to you ahead of time.

Merriette said...

I'm so glad you'll be posting the entries anonymously; I've seen many instances when voters were biased in their vote (heh, I tend to be biased myself).

I'll try to send you mine soon--I have had a lot of trouble with internet recently.

Jake said...

Yeah, you're right, the Heartsmith is pretty good... Mine isn't so obviously allegorical, and I admire people who can do very allegorical works... You'll have to dig around for my allegory. :)

Star-Dreamer said...

That's ok. You usually have to dig a little to find the allegory in my stuff too, but I think that digging is half the fun of reading the piece, don't you? :)

Gillian said...

Agh! Why only 5000 words! Haha, I knew I would have a hard time with the word limit. I'm not quite done with mine yet... and it's already nearing the 5K limit, so I shall have to go back and edit some stuff out!