Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Rejection... and a reminder

Hey guys! 

Just recieved another rejection for "Song of the Daystar" via email.  The Agent was very polite about it.  That makes 3.  And yet I felt peace when I opened it and peace after I read it.  This is certainly turning out to be an interesting ride...

And now, I know you're all busy and you're probably getting tired of my reminders, but I feel like I should remind those of you who are entering the C.S. Lewis contest that we only have about 12 more days to the submission deadline!  Keep typing away!  What I've read so far is very good and I want to give everyone an equal chance at this.

And, in absence of something more meaningful, that will be all for today.

Random splurge:  Chocolate Pencils!  :) 


Jake said...

I know, I know, I'm frantically trying to write/edit like a firestorm. A regular storm would be more in line with my story, though. XD

Brad said...

Pencils are handy, but you had me at "chocolate".

Star-Dreamer said...

Brad: LOL!!!

Jake: That's ok. You still have a few days left, and remember there's a mercy date. I like mercy dates! :)