Monday, January 31, 2011

Updates! Yea!

Yes, I am still here.  No, I haven't abandoned you... yet... mwahahahaha!!!!

I just thought I would post an update on what's been going on and why I haven't posted anything for awhile.  For one thing, we must remember that school comes first... even if we would prefer not to remember that. But at least one of my projects has really caught my interest.  I'm sitting in on a British Literature class taught by the professor I had last semester for Shakespearian Lit.  She's amazing... but anyway.  She is allowing me to unofficially "join" the class this semester as it was a class I wanted to take but that I couldn't because of the hours I've already committed to.  This way I don't have to pay for the class, and I don't really have to do all of the projects if I feel like I can't, but I still get to learn and follow everything that's going on.

Anyway... The project that caught my interested was one where every student in the class must pick a British Author and blog about them in some way.  My pick was (naturally) J.R.R. Tolkien (reinforced by the fact that C.S. Lewis was already taken. :D)  As many of you know or may have guessed, I LOVE The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other works.  I've created a new blog specifically for the purpose of exploring Tolkien's life and literary works titled The Inklings' Quill, and right now I'm really happy with the way it's coming about. So if that sort of thing interests you as well, check it out. :D

In other news, I am still waiting for some of the interviews I sent out to come back to me, and I've started working on another.  The people I will be interviewing on The Pen and Parchment (so far as I know) are:

1) Rachel Starr Thomson
2) Jeff Gerke
3 Scott Appleton

But not necessarily in that order.  Currently I'm working on the interview for Scott Appleton and I thought it might be interesting if you, my readers, posted questions you would like him to address.  Remember, we are currently talking about the ins, outs, and differences between Self Publishing and Traditional publishing, but you may feel free to ask him about his books as well, as that is also something we will be addressing.

So, that's all I have for now.  As a last note, I also have some book reviews planned in the future, but it may be awhile before I can get to them.  Thanks for reading! :D


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Jaleh D said...

I like your new look. The interviews sound great. I look forward to reading them even though I can't think of any questions to offer.