Commission Rates and Information

Hello, and welcome to my Commissions page.

I do pencil sketches, pictures with colored pencils, digital paintings, maps (pencil/traditional and digital -- but mostly digital), and some photo-manipulations as well. I do character sketches and portraits of people (best done with one or several photographic references) and I draw fantasy creatures, but seem to specialize in dragons. I've also worked with ink and calligraphy, and I also enjoy creating a type of illustration known as "illumination".

(note: for those who are curious, here is the definition for the word “Illumination” of the sort I work in:
Illumination:  a colored letter, design, or illustration decorating a manuscript or page, or the art or act of decorating written texts )

For illuminations I usually include a slightly "modern" twist to the piece to make it unique.  (hopefully I will have an example of some of my work up shortly)  My "illuminations" are completed using watercolor paint, bottles of red and black ink (and a calligraphy pen) and silver and gold leafing. I have also done a few in colored pencil as well.

(Note: sizes and prices of illumination pieces vary according the project.  Such aspects of an illumination commission would have to be discussed along with the project itself.)


Black and white pencil sketches and colored pencil drawings are usually done on 8 X 11 inch white paper unless otherwise specified by the costumer.   All pictures are shaded in some form.

Note: Adding:

1) an extra character,

2) background/nature elements/setting,

3) a border

Raises the price of the commission by $5 - $10 depending on the detail requested for the added element.  This goes for all B&W drawings/colored pencil pieces.

Black and white concept sketch/concept-character sketch: $15 - $20 depending on the detail involved and the nature of the picture.  

(Please note that when I refer to a picture as a “Concept sketch”, I am referring to a picture that doesn’t have completely “smooth” shading.  Such a picture is faster to create, usually includes fewer details than my other drawings, and depends more on line for shading than it does blended value.  Here is an example of just such a piece I recently finished for a commission: 

Line art for symbols/objects, concept jewelry, etc… :  $15 - $20 depending on the detail involved (and as long as whatever the requested commission pertains to does not overstep the boundaries of the things I WILL NOT draw… see below).

Black and White pencil drawing (one character, no background, completely shaded):

Original versions (without digital cleaning) = $20 - $30 depending on detail and shading involved.

Colored Pencil (without digital cleaning) $35 - $45 depending on detail involved. 

Maps drawn out traditionally (black and white, no digital editing) start at $75 (done on 8X11) and depending on the detail involved.  However, prices are usually negotiable, and I have worked with budgets before.  I am more than willing to discuss pricing with you if you provide me with the information needed and your budget.

Digital cleaning for Black and White/colored pencil commissions are an extra $5.  (This does not include further shading done digitally, or other digital adjustments such as digital “smoothing”, or digital coloring.  The price would have to be readjusted if further digital enhancement is requested.)

(Note: all traditional art done on paper reasonably larger than 8 X 11... for example, 18 X 24 inch... will raise the price of the drawing unless otherwise specified.  Also, it is more difficult to send out physical versions of art that is done on such a large scale, though I'm sure something can be figured out if the need arises.)


Prices for maps created digitally, digital paintings, photo manipulations and/or (possibly) cover designs, and digital coloring vary according to budget and time involved. I try to keep all prices reasonable (which is why I work with budgets. :D) and I also put my best into every piece that I do.

Digital paintings usually include an initial traditional sketch that shows what one might call the “foundation” of the painting.

All digital works would include progress reports throughout the process to ensure maximum satisfaction in the end. The digital pieces may be "tweaked" and so forth by the costumer up to 3 times without additional charge. You will be charged an extra $5 for every additional time the art is tweaked after the third time has been used.  This is to help assure that the art is completed in a satisfactory and timely fashion which is both reasonable to the artist and the customer.

If you want more information on a certain type of art or project, just let me know and I will do my best to help and/or answer any questions asked.


1)      People/characters/portraits

2)      Fairies/some mythic creatures/fae characters

3)       Christian themes/angels/allegorical

4)      “clean” (meaning anything that doesn’t pertain to the subjects in my “don’t draw” list) personifications.  (EX: fae representing seasons as is shown in my several of my drawings:\\

5)      Fantasy and/or sci-fi creatures
(I will try to draw almost any type of creature, including fan-art for movies and/or books, as well as creatures for writing projects.   I will also except commissions for bad/evil characters/creatures… However, I must approve of the project before I will take it on (see my “don’t draw” list below), so if you wish me to do such a commission, you must convince me of the projects validity first, which will require reference shots and/or descriptions of the creature and its purpose and why that is important.  Also, I require an explanation about such a project before I decide whether or not I will take on the project as a commission.  I have the right to refuse any commission based on religious morals, subject, lack of time, or any other reason.)

6)      I do draw Dragons. (Lots and lots of dragons! :D  They are my specialty.)

7)      I will attempt to do some science-fiction machinery if I must, but I can’t promise anything as far as such a project goes, as I haven’t drawn much in the style or way of mechanical/robotic subjects.  I’m more a creature/person artist. 

8)      I will try to do pets.


1)      Devils/demons or any kind of satanic theme
2)      girl+girl
3)      guy+guy
4)      Occult symbols or rituals, or any type of pagan theme
5)      Nudity/suggestive poses/immodesty (I have done low necklines before, but keep the picture request modest for the most part please.)
6)       Cityscapes
7)      Scenery with no (living) subject… so no plain forests/landscapes/scenery, etc…


I’m an artist who works a lot with references. 

Written references are great as far as details and some sensory imaging goes, but for subjects I’m going to need photo references… as many as you see fit to send, but the more the better.
 Please be specific when you send me references and try to have the pictures representing your subjects LOOK AS CLOSE TO WHAT YOUR SUBJECTS ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE as possible.

The finished DRAWING will NOT look just like the reference pictures sent to me unless that is otherwise specified through email communications.  For instance, if you want your commission to be a portrait of your brother, I will try to make the portrait look like your brother according to the picture you send me to use.  But if the picture is supposed to represent a character from a book you have read, or even a book you are writing, then I will change something slightly in the drawing so that I don’t feel like I’m plagiarizing someone else’s photograph… I’m sure you understand. :D

For made up creatures, just a written reference/description works fine, but please elaborate!!  BE DISCRIPTIVE!  (just a suggestion, but if you are a writer, then action scenes involving your creature are often very helpful.  Likewise, if the commission you are asking for is from a favorite book, then an example of text from the book is a great way for me to build a base from.)

For scenes involving one or more characters in action (which would most likely include background/setting) please send a written description of the setting along with your photo references.  Also, if you have photo references of your ideas for the setting/background or perhaps for elements of the setting/background, please send those as well.

If your commission is based off of a book you have read or are writing, it would also be nice (though not required) if I was given a basic run-down of what the book is about.  That way I will have a better idea of what I should do with the character/setting.  This information is not vital, but it is EXTREMELY helpful. :D

For maps I need a basic sketch of the map itself.  I need this whether the commission is to be done traditionally or digitally… otherwise I might get the places all mixed up and what not. :P  Here’s are a few examples of the type of map-sketch I will need:

It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but hopefully those pictures give you an idea of what is needed.  Description is also good, but for the most part I will definitely need the basic drawing of the map if nothing else.


After you send me the photo references, I will keep in touch with you about the drawing.  Due to the fact that I don’t actually own a scanner, I will not be sending progress scans of the drawing as I am working on it; rather I will work off of your descriptions and references, and when I get the initial drawing dawn, I will scan it into the computer at my library and email you a digital copy of the picture.

(The one exception to this is if the piece is being done digitally, in which case you will receive several emails which show the picture as it is going through the stages of completion)

Some people might be worried about not being able to see what is going on with the picture as it is in progress.  HOWEVER, let me reassure you now that any such trouble might be avoided with the proper communication.  If you adhere to what I (as the artist) am asking you to provide me with for the commission (references, descriptions, etc…) in the above paragraphs, it is likely that nothing will go amiss. 

However, if you are super worried about the picture, then you may email me and ask if I could scan you in a progress report, in which case I will try to send you a digital copy of your commission’s progress.  I will, of course, strive to keep the picture as close to what you commissioned from me as possible… if the communication is good, there should be no further problems.  I will always put my best into my art.

After the scanned picture is “approved” by you, you will receive the original drawing by mail.  (All drawings are done on 8 X 11 inch white paper unless otherwise specified.  Drawings done on larger scale/piece of paper may have trouble being mailed through the postal service as it is my own opinion that it is rather hard to find a 18 X 24ft rigid mailer.  If this is the case, it may be best to work out a way to send in a digital scanning of the picture.)  You will be allowed to post the image for your own personal and non-profit use online (unless otherwise specified under contract).  You also have the right to crop, alter, or otherwise change the image for your own personal and non-profit use.  This includes alteration for signatures, headers, backgrounds, etc.

But with that said, please remember to be nice and give me credit as the artist.


Payment will be received for artwork after the artwork is finished. (I only accept checks, money orders, and cash at the moment).  This means, of course, that I am relying on you to be faithful and truthful.  I will, however, keep our emails and progress saved as reference should anyone decide to withhold payment.
You can contact me at for more info and further communications/info. 

If/when I accept your commission, I will then send you my address and additional information so that we can further discuss the project from there. 
Shipping charges ARE NOT included in the original price..

Drawings are shipped flat in a rigid mailer (unless otherwise specified).

Please Note: I retain the rights to all drawings unless a prior arrangement is made through contract. Exclusive or joint copyrights can be purchased for an additional fee… this means that if you are going to use the art for a profit (such as use specifically pertaining to advertisement for a business or for art in a book that will be sold), you must notify me and we will further discuss what must be done.  Once payment is received, the sale is final; there will be no refunds unless I become physically incapable of completing your commission. I have the right to refuse any commission based on religious morals, subject, lack of time, or for any other reason. Please respect my artwork policies.
Thank you.

Nichole White