Saturday, April 17, 2010

Starlighter Give-away!!!

Well, well. What is this I see? A new fantasy book by Brian Davis? Me intrigued!

Bryan Davis is the bestselling author of the Christian Fantasy series "Dragons in our Midst".  His books have been read by kids and teens all over the United States and the world!  Ok, I admit I haven't read his books yet... but if this can count at all, I've been stalking them at my nearest B&B for the last couple of months. And why not buy them? Because of money! *sighs* Money can be such a mean thing to obtain.

But, that said, I did find one of his Edge books at a Second Hand Store the other day and can't wait to get started on it! And now his newest book "Starlighter" is out. (yeah!) And to make things EVEN BETTER... there's a free starlighter give-away over at Whispered Roars!

In Starlighter, by bestselling author Bryan Davis, dragons have kidnapped humans from their planet and taken them to theirs, enslaved them, tortured them, and worked them to their deaths. Years have passed since that date, and both worlds have forgotten. Darksphere, the human world, contains an organization that remembers the Lost Ones, those stolen from their world, and seeks the gateway to the dragon planet. But these people are mocked and scorned. On Starlight, the dragon world, those who remember and hold to the belief that they are not meant for slavery are similarly mocked.

But the lost will be found.

Bryan Davis again pens a beautiful, fast passed, epic tale of four teens' determination to do that which they know to be right. The plot was exhilarating, the characters were very clearly defined, and the writing was excellent as usual. Mr. Davis did what is every writer's goal--he created an adrenaline laced plot with believable characters. Given any line of dialogue I could recite the character that would have said it, each one was that real, and the story kept me thinking late into the night.

Also, this book is clearly a story filled with Christian themes. The basic plot line is a beautiful tale and challenge of reaching out to the lost. While the themes are clearly there I do believe the story can be enjoyed without noticing or understanding the allegory.

I'd recommend this book to any young adult, 10 and up. An excellent read for teens and adults.

And a cliffhanger to boot.  (copied and pasted straight from Whispered Roars)

If you aren't hooked yet, then go check out Whispered Roars for yourself.  Or check out Brian Davis's website at  If you enjoy reading Christain Fantasy, then I doubt you'll be disapointed!

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Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks for linking! The book is pretty sweet too!