Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Votes are In!!!

That's right folks.  The Amazing First chapter Contest is officially over, the votes are in, and the winners are soon to be announced!

First I would like to thank everyone who participated.   It was great you guys!  Totally awesome!  And I enjoyed entering all of those worlds so much, even if it was only for one chapter.

Just so everyone knows what was at stake, the first place winner recieves a page of thier own set up on "The Pen and Parchment" to showcase their first chapter and profile... and anything else they may want to post.  They also get the first choice of three books I have to give away:

(and yes, I did find another copy of the book. :D)

The second place winner get's to choose from the two books left after the 1rst winner pics.  The third place winner gets the book that's left.

So, here are the winners.  I was going to fool around and make you guys wait, but I just can't make myself do that.  Too nice I guess.  :D

1rst place: Squeaks with "Children of the Song".  Way to go Squeaks!  You get the first pick out of the three books!  And a page set aside just for you.  Shoot me an email with your pick of the books and your prefered address so that I can send you your prize.  Include in the email anything besides your profile and the excerpt of your book.  I'll try to get the page set up within the next couple of days.

2nd place: Adele Treskilard with "Wolf's Bard".  Woo-hoo!  I really enjoyed looking over this chapter. :)  Adele, you get second pick of the books.  Send me an email with your choice of the two books you would like the most out of those listed above along with your address.  If Squeaks chooses one of the books you chose, you will get the other one.  Make sure you list the books in order of preference: that way, if squeaks doesn't pick one of the books you wanted, I can send you the one you wanted the most.  :D

Third place winner is...


Guess that means I have to set up another poll.  So I'm going to put that up this afternoon.  Voting will be open for the next five days.  If the poll doesn't move within the next five days, it will go for another five.  The third place winner will recieve the book left after the first and second winner have thier pick.

Here are the participants listed in order from first winner on through.

1rst:  Squeaks with "Children of the song"
2nd:  Adele Treskilard with "Wolf's Bard"
3rd:  Galadriel with "Three Dark Roses"
3rd:  Jake with "Quest for the Kingdom"
4th:  Gillian with "Song of Leira"
4th:  John Walker with "A Time Yet to Come"
5th:  Seth with "Tempest: First of the Tales of Myth"

Thanks to all who participated!  And who knows: When I reach 50 followers, I might host another contest... *wink, wink*



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