Friday, September 17, 2010


Eldrei Wordcount: pretty much where it was before...

Hi all!

I was tagged by Eldra over at A Day on Daremo. So here we go. I haven’t been tagged in ages. :)

Top 5 favorite songs:

1. All Souls Night – Lareena Mackennit

2. May it be – Celtic Woman

3. Heaven is the Face – Steven Curtis Chapman

4. Wonder-kind – Narnia

5. Jesus Freak – DC Talk

Top 5 favorite colors:

1. Blood red

2. Gold

3. Silver

4. black

5. Cobalt or royal purple

Top 5 favorite animals: (Ok… animals? I’m going to cheat here and name my some of my favorite “creatures” :D)

1. Gryphons

2. Dragons

3. horses

4. Cats – especially lions like Aslan. :D

5. My Doggies!!!!

Top 5 favorite horse breeds:

1. Arabians

2. Friesians

3. draft

4. shire

5. Tennessee Walkers

Top 5 favorite books:

1. “The Ink Trilogy” by Cornelia Funke – yes, the whole trilogy! Those books are amazing!

2. Lord of the Rings

3. The Chronicles of Narnia

4. Watership Down

5. The Dragon Keeper series by Donita K. Paul.

And there are lots more… way too many to name. In fact, I think this question is a bit unfair as I have many, many favorite books! :( And they’re all so good, I don’t know that I can really choose a favorite, for say.

And… Yeah, that’s it. Those are my favorite things. Now it’s my turn to tag people. And I tag Jake, Storyteller, and Brandi_fay.


Jake said...

Horses? LOL, I don't know a head from a hoof. :) But I can have my little sister answer for me, there. Do you mind if I post it on my 'other' blog? Teenage Writer is mostly for writing. :)

Jaleh D said...

Love your answers. Some wonderful stuff there. :D