Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Honor Of...

Eldrei Word Count: 24,649 (yes, it is moving… slowly. :D)

Well it is official: yesterday I mailed out a hard copy of "Song of the Daystar" in reply to a request for the full manuscript. I'm so excited! This request is not a guarantee for publication, but it's still a big step. By complete coincidence and a miracle I was given permission from the publisher to take an extra week to check for typos before I sent it off for them to review. I finished the final run-through on Friday evening, but unfortunately my postal service is closed after 11:00am on Saturday, and (of course) Monday was Labor Day. Thus I had to wait patiently (very impatiently!) for Tuesday morning to arrive and for the postal service to open.

So, in honor of this very exciting moment of my life, I have decided to host another contest!

Yes, another chance to have a page completely dedicated to showcasing your work on "The Pen and Parchment". Such an honor! (Actually, I don't know how "honored" the winner might feel… it just sounded cool to say it that way. :D)

However, this contest is slightly different than the last one.

  1. This is a "First Chapter" contest. Which means those who enter will have to get brave and post a piece of their novel in progress. If you have a prologue, then please include it along with your first chapter; prologues are important parts too! :D If you are not writing a novel but you would still like to enter the contest, you may enter one (1) short story of about 6k words. OR. You may enter up to 6k of any novella you are writing. This should make it fair for just about everybody.
    2.   There may be a second place prize this time. I just have to figure out what it is first. ;)
    Here are the rules:

    1. Entries must be sent either as:
            a)  A Microsoft Word file
            b)  An RTF file.
            c) In the body of the email.
                        I would prefer they be sent as an MS Word document, or in the body of the email please.
    1.  To enter, you must provide me with either a name or pseudonym in the body of the email. NO BLANK EMAILS! If you are sending your files in an attachment, please write SOMETHING in the body of the email... introduce yourself to me; that will help me keep track of all the entries.
    2.  As before, I will not be posting who wrote what until after the contest is judged; that way no one can be bias – unless you and a bunch of your close friends are all entering at the same time, but that just might get confusing. :D
    3.  If you edit after you have already sent me your submission, you may send the edited version to me to replace your first submission ONLY 2 TIMES. I will be keeping track. This wasn't a very big problem last time, but it will save a lot of updating that I don't have time for (what with school and all).
    4.  Submissions open September 20th. That should give you all some time to edit and change anything you feel needs to be changed. The submission deadline will be set for October 25th.

    PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! This should be a really awesome contest, and one that it would be a shame to miss. After all, this is your chance to show other writers what you're made of and to get them sitting on the edge of their seats for your next chapter! :D

    I already can't wait!


    Squeaks said...

    Hey Nichole, I was just curious as to what the prize is for this it the same as last time? I didn't see anything in your post that talked about that :P



    Galadriel said...

    Oh! Exciting! Must polish first chapter to send it off...

    Jake said...

    Oh, man... :O I have no idea if I can do this or not. Can I just send in my prologue? I'm still working with the first chapter (which is entirely terrible!), and I may not even keep. :P And are you going to keep the names to yourself until the end of the contest again? Because I've already posted part of my prologue before, and that's the only 'first chapter' or first part of my novels, that I consider worth publishing. :P So I may not be able to do this one.

    Eldra said...

    Galadriel - At least you have a first chapter to send in! Mine's still in serious concept stage. I don't know if I'll be able to enter or not, but I really want to!

    Star-Dreamer said...

    All of you should enter! Do it! :D You won't regret it!

    Galadriel said...

    I can't find your email address.

    Star-Dreamer said...

    Oh... sorry. I should probably put a "contact me" page up, huh? :)