Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Winners!!!

July first is finally here, and that means the C.S. Lewis Short Story Contest is over.  The poll is in.  And the winning story is (drumroll please)... "I Promise".  

I will be creating a page for this story on my blog within the next few days.  (who knows, it may even show up later this evening. :D )  Be sure to check it out. 

I would also like to congradulate all of the other contestants.  With two of the stories, it was a pretty close call.  However, as one honored to be able to read the stories before they were even posted, I know that they all had the potential to win.

They are listed as follows below.

"I promise"  recieved 7 votes

"The Heartsmith" recieved 6 votes

"The Cornerstone" recieved 6 votes

"Darkest Hour" recieved 5 votes

"The Prophesy" recieved 4 votes

"Kelsy" recieved 4 votes

"Holding on" recieved 2 votes

The six remaining stories will be left up on the contest page for 1 month, for any curious passerbys to read and enjoy.  The Winning Story, "I Promise" will go up on its own individual page with the author's profile (if desired) and web address.

Thanks to all who participated!


Galadriel said...

I really liked "I Promise." It deserved to win.

Squeaks said...

I loved them all...although I must say that "The Heartsmith" was my fave :P (no i didn't write it) Congradulations everyone who contributed :) And the winner of course (hopefully we'll know who you are soon)


Jake said...

Aw, so close. :D

I have a notion on who wrote I Promise, but I'll find out soon enough.

Mine was very close, however. But I Promise was a great story.

The Losing Author said...

Yay! "I Promise" won! I really liked all of the entries, but that one was my favorite by far.

Jake, I doubt you know who the winning author is. *evil laugh* Your story was my second favorite, by the way.

Felicity said...

Your stories were all so well written! Impressive.

Are we allowed to comment on the stories now that the voting is over? I had trouble holding my comments back when I read them before. :)

Great job everyone!

Star-Dreamer said...

*LOL* You can all start commenting on the stories. In fact, comment away! I'll probably be commenting to, for that matter.