Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tagged! A day in the life of my room and Other Ramblings

Well, I had meant for this post to be a good one so I will try to be as posotive as I can be.  That said, today has turned out to be a real let down... and it's only 12:00 pm!

Why, do you ask, am I feeling so down in the dumps?  The answer is quite simple: I was fired this morning.

Yep, the ever dreaded "F" word of the Work Force woke me up this morning with a phone call, dragged me into work, and dropped that horrible, awful, hateful bomb.


But this was not supposed to be a post filled with melancholy and woe, and I can only hope that loosing this job means that God is opening another door for me... preferably one in a business that deals with publishing, books, and the wonderful world of the written word.

So, to comfort myself (and for your visual amusement) I have decided to post pictures of my bedroom.  Thankfully my room was clean (for once) when Jake tagged his followers to post candid pictures of their rooms.  I guess I was one of the lucky ones. :D

This first one is my bed, and the entrance to my bedroom.  Yes, that is a curtain over the door: my room is actually a converted attic and though the pictures make it look bigger, it is really, very small because the ceiling slants all the way down to the floor.  You might also be interested to know that I seem to have a love for Lions and Dragons.  The big stuffed lion was a gift for my birthday several years back: he was deemed "Aslan" soon after.  The little lion sitting next to him is "Little Aslan".  :)    The pillow on the floor is for my cat: he likes to come up and sleep on it.  I usually put the book I just finished reading on that pillow: this time it was "Auralia's Colors".  Oh, and that paper bag by the head of the bed in the first picture?  Books. :D

There's "Little Aslan" again.  And a Picture.  I have three pictures like this placed randomly throughout my bedroom.  This one says "Love" and the other two say "Peace" and "Faith".  My mom says she has another one that says "Hope" somewhere, but she would have to find it before I could use it in my decor.  And yes, those things around the pictures are just pillows.  I had no where else to put them because my bed is rather small.

This is my doll corner.  My mom collects China Dolls and my love of them stems from hers.  Some of the dolls were hers at one time, but she knew that I loved them so she gave them to me.  Others are dolls I fell in love with but didn't have money to buy and that people later bequeathed me as gifts.  I'm too old to play with them, but I love to display them.

There you are, the first real look at my room as a whole.  Now you can see what I mean when I say it is small.  As you can see, I love books.  Those too random wall piles are actually two book shelves filled to bursting.  There are also three more piles of books under my bed hidden under the comforter.  The big black thing in the front of the picture is my guitar case: my guitar isn't in it at the moment.  The other stringed instrument is an alpine dulcimer.  I can play it a little, but I prefer my guitar.  My desk was a Goodwill Find.  We call it my "Waltons' Desk" because in the old TV series, John boy had a desk like that.  (John boy was an aspiring author looking for publication too! :) ) 

Here's another look at it, only this time from the floor.  You can see yet another random pile of books in the lower right had corner.  You probably can't tell by now, but I LOVE to read!

There's my desk top.  The book in the lower right corner is "No Plot, No Problem".  I found it to be a major help.  Can you see my two daggers?  Maybe not.  They're kind of hard to pick out.  One is laying in front of the picture, the other is just above the leaf mat.  The picture has a saying on it that says "She watched a leaf fall from the sky and slowly felt her life falling into place... at last."  It touched me so I put it above my desk to continue inspiring me.  I think my aunt gave it to me.  She gave me the mug in the corner too: it was a souvenir from a renessance faire.

These two pictures are the tops of my bookshelf.  As you have probably noticed, I like the colors Red and Gold, and I also like leaves.  The picture behind the giant leaf bowl on my Bookshelf says "Reach for the Stars" and it has that saying also written in Chinese.  Leaning up against one of my lamps is a book that shows how to write Chinese words, and a bamboo paintbrush.  I made the runner.  You might not be able to tell, but it is Crazy Patch and it was made out of purple, crimson, black, and gold velvet.  It was no easy task to piece it together straight, let me tell you!

My smaller bookshelf.  As you can see, it's so full that the shelves are starting to bend.  I really need to fix that, but I'm not sure how. 

Another picture of my big bookshelf and my desk.

My bed buddies: a red bear that my mom found at a second hand shop, and my stuffed dragon named Torch.  As you can see, I'm reading Cynder's Midnight by Jeffery Overstreet.  I've read Auralia's colors too and will be posting a review on it soon.  The pillow is a Crazy Patch piece I was working on for my mom.  It's not quite done as I hadn't finished the beaded fringe around the edges, which explains the white string draping across the pillow.  lol*  I didn't see the string when I was taking the picture.  The folded blanket has more leaves on it.  :)

That's the wall hanging that hangs above my bed, yet another Crazy Patch piece that I worked on.  The "N's" stand for Nichole.  My Grandma taught me and my siblings how to make them.  Her own Crazy Patch works are just absolutely amazing!  And, of course, her stitching is much neater than mine.  I love my Grandma so much!!!

Another Lion.  When I saw this plaque, I was reminded of the scene in  "The Voyage on the Dawn Treader" where Caspian is telling Lucy and Edmund how the Lion Plaque above his door came to life and spoke with him.  That's why I hung it above my bed.

 My night stand, with my alarm clock, my reading lamp, and my three guardian angels standing in the background. 

Yet another pile of random books.

There's my Guitar.  I had it out of its case and on my bed because I was working on a song when I decided to drop everything and take these pictures.  :D

And last but not least, a final look at my room.  It's small, but I do love it.

And now I'm glad I decided to post these pictures.  It has made me feel much better about the nasty morning I had.  I hope the rest of the day goes well. 

I'll be posting a review on "Auralia's Colors" soon, so keep checking in.  In the meantime, I'm going to follow Jake's example and Tag all of my followers!  This should be interesting... very interesting indeed!


Brad said...

Good pics; it looks like you have a comfortable place to be, and that's important.
I'm sorry to hear about your morning, but you're right. I've learned that God never closes a door without opening a bigger one somewhere else.
Losing my last job is what led to where I am now, working as a teacher with kids with autism. God led me exactly where He planned for me to be.
I'll add my prayers to yours.

Eldra said...

I'm so sorry you got fired, but don't be discouraged. God's in control of everything.

Also, love your room. The colors are beautiful. It has an almost medieval feel to it.

~God Bless~

Star-Dreamer said...

Brad: Thanks for praying. That helps a lot. I wasn't overly fond of the job in itself, but I loved some of the people I worked with: I was a CNA at a nursing home, and most of the residents were simply a pleasure to help. It felt like I had a hundred Grandmas and Grandpas.

Eldra: I'm glad you like my room: I only got it done this way within the last year... when I had money to do it. *lol* And I love medieval things, so that's probably why it seems that way... but I almost can't help it. I love that sort of stuff! :)

Galadriel said...

I totally could feel at home in your room. It all looks really cool!

Jaleh D said...

Losing your job is a royal bummer. I'll say a prayer that you find something better.

Your room is fantabulous! A lovely combination of colors. I've got lots of dragons, too, including a red one my son "made" me at the mall for the holidays. It's nice and squishy and very cute.

Brandi G. said...

Being in the newspaper business, I have been working these past months not knowing whether or not my job might be irrelevant in the future...but, I look at it like you do. If I lose my job, that means there's just something else out there I'm meant to do. God knows best. :)

I love your room, too. It makes me a bit envious, since I don't really have my own space like that. I sort of do with our guest room, but since we have an actual guest staying with us right now, it's not so much my space. I'll have to make another space I guess. :)

Star-Dreamer said...

Brandi, I think it's pretty neat that you are in the newspaper business. If you lived out here where I do, you probably wouldn't loose your job too quickly: there are a lot of Apastolic Christians around here and they don't believe in watching TV so they depend on the daily paper for EVERYTHING.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting your own space: you will. :) I shared a room with two of my sisters for years, and then only got my room the way I actually wanted at the end of last year. But I hope you have fun while your guest hangs around. :D

Archer said...

I'm sorry about your job. I hope you get another one.

I will have to say, I love medieval things too!
Your room looks realy cool, I love the colors and the roomy feel it has.

Be Blessed:)

Gwendolyn said...

Whoa! *whistles* Girl, you've got one awesome bedroom! It looks like a doorway into fantasy, or something like that. :P And I can't believe how neat it is.

Now I wish I say that last sentence about my room.... ^_^