Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey y'all, I've been tagged!!!  (and why I decided to adopt a southern accent, I have no idea...)  Anyway, the object of the game is that if you are tagged you have to list eight books that you wish you could live in, and then tag eight people.  (only eight books?!)  Ok, I'll give it a shot...

Book 1)  I don't know if I can count the entire Chronicles of Narnia, but I'm going to try since I have all seven stories compiled in one book.  Those books are just fantasy genious, plain and simple!

Book 2) The Lord of the Rings, every time!  Again, fantasy genious (although can anyone figure out why a person can find them in the sci-fi section of B&B?)

Book 3) Artemis Fowl.  Let me put this simply: child genious, modern technicle faries... amazing read.  I so love it!

Book 4) Maximum Ride.  I mean, what's not to love about books with butt-kickin' bird kids, evil scientists, and strange mutants?  And on that same note Daniel X, by the same author, is just great: an alien kid who can create anything just by using his imagination, and then using those awesome powers to fight off alien invaders on earth... amazing read.

Book 5)  The Door Within Trilogy.  Wayne Thomas Batson's stories are just... wow.  I mean, the adventure, and alternate reality, magic and dragons, and an underlying christian theme?  What's not to love?

Book 6) Donita K. Paul's Dragon Keeper Trilogy.  Now those books are good!  (and to be completely honest, they're the first books I've read with a Christian theme and wizards... love that mix!  Love those books!)

Book 7) The Redwall books.  Talking animals, a warrior saint, an ancient sword, and just plain amazing characters.  You have got to read these books if you haven't already.  Some of them I found to have similar plots, but others are far from ordinary.  Read them.  Read them!

Book 8) I would have to say that I would love to live in the world of some of Tamora Pierce's books.  Her female characters are so strong and amazing... and magic and myth live hand in hand... but with a much more realistic and every day life feel.  They are amazing reads, really.  The only down side is that they aren't christian and they may be a few "close call" scenes for those of you who are younger than, say, 18.  But they are still good... ages 15 and up though.

(can I have a 9th book?  Because, if so, I would so love to live in some of my own stories!  :)  )

Ok, now to tag 8 people.\

These are the blogs I'm gonna tag.  (and if someone else has already tagged you, then I'm sorry!)

1) The Sharp Angle
2) The Musings of a Looney Writer
3) A writer writes... sometimes
4) The Yodeling Dwarf
5) The Flaming Pen
6) Dancing with Dragons is hard on your shoes
7) Wandering-Quill
8) Whispered Roars

(I'll post the links a bit later... right now I have to get off before I get in trouble.  To those of you I've tagged, I'll post a comment on your blog so you know.  :D )

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