Saturday, April 10, 2010

For Those Who Are Curious About "Song of the Daystar"

Well, I've had a couple people ask me just what Song of the Daystar is about.  So for those of you who are curious, I'm posting my hook.  (if you would like more, you can read the prologue on the page that says "Read the Prologue".  :D )  This book isn't published yet, but I'm hoping to get something going for it before the end of the year.  (also, if you do read the prologe, the cover art at the top of the page is just a stand in: something I threw together to associate my book with.)

King Morven has decreed that anyone who believes in the spiritual entity of Anahdor must be put to death. Forced to go underground with their beliefs, the Seven Elder's of Anahdor pray daily for their feedom, but when a stranger shows up in the dark of the night and passes them a mysterious stone before dying, they believe that their prayers may be answered.

Young Curron holds fast to his belief in childhood heroes, even if the world outside Fort Gallant is strange to him.  But when a cloaked messenger arives with a summons for him from the mythical Elder's of Anahdor, Curron is shocked.   He is given the Daystar, an ancient and magical stone whose power is governed by faith, and told he must convince the king to rescind his decree or the followers of Anahdor will be doomed.  With the threat of the King's guard close on his heals, Curron finds his own faith tested as he fights for the lives of the Elders as well as his own.

So, that's my hook.  If you would like to read the first chapter, I've posted it on the Christain Fantasy Forum; you can find a link to this on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it!  :)

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Squeaks said...

Sounds very interesting :) I'll be keeping my eye open for when you get it published.