Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the Controversies of Religion

Eck! My history class is providing me with all sorts of controversial blogging material. Today we were discussing "The Great Awakening" and my teacher decided once again to instigate a class conversation on religion. It was very interesting to hear her outlook on religion compared to the class' outlook. We talked about the evangelical movement that grew in the south, and how it was that rural people were much more religious because they were less educated, where as people in the towns and colonies, being more educated, were open to the movement of ideas that were introduced. In essence, the Christians were supposedly averse to any type of change.

Ok, first of all, I wonder what her definition of "religion" is. And for that matter, I wonder what most of the class' definition is. Does anyone ever stop to think that perhaps it wasn't that Christians were opposed to change as it was they were opposed to the "types" of change… I mean, look what "change" has done to this world! We are now considering lesbian and gay marriage, a health reform, and now I've heard tell that here in my home state of Illinois, the public schools are fighting in government to be able to come into homeschoolers' houses to "approve" the curriculum! That completely goes against the very reason for Homeschooling… to GET AWAY from the public school systems! And then you have the economy… Sheesh! If you ask me, the type of change that has been instigated in this world from without church boundries has only worked to destroy the world.

In any case, this is my outlook on the definition of religion:

Religion is considered to be any sort of sever belief that has to do with a god or gods, or any other type of spiritual being, that might rule over a life or nature, etc… This all inclusive word would then include the Muslim beliefs, the Buddhist beliefs, witchcraft, and yes… even (sadly) Christianity and all of its denominations. Yet, if one were to think about it, superstition is a type of religion too, disbelief is a type of religion in its own way, and yes… even Atheism is a type of religion in the fact that it is a severe belief in NOT believing in ANY religion.

Do you see how hypocritical it is to try to single out Christianity in a debate on religion and use it as an example of hypocrisy? *shakes head sadly* And unfortunately, one small voice in a sea of controversial voices tends to get drowned out by the other noise.

Well, I'm putting this one out for debate: What do you guys have to say on the matter?


Galadriel said...

That is definately one of the problems with debates on need to pin down what you mean by 'religion.'

Terri said...

AMEN, sister. You nailed it.