Friday, March 2, 2012

Excerpts From My Life

Hello friends,

This post is sort of a mix of an update and a mix of something else - I'm not exactly sure what. :P

On the "Update" side, I have some exciting news. ^_^  If you've been reading my posts, and you've read through the comments on the post "Updates on my life... and no, I'm not dead yet", then you might have noticed that I've mentioned I was in the middle of an experimental project in which I prepare several of my short stories for publications through Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

Well, step one in said experiment is now complete... which means, in essence, that the first of a set of my short stories is now available on Amazon for Kindle. ^_^  The first object of the experiment is to test my text formatting and type setting skills when it comes to digital publication, so that I'm 100% prepared for Magpie Eclectic Press' first title.  Well, according to my kindle, I have a good handle on the type setting and formatting for amazon.  Now I just have to prepare the book for Smashwords and B&N.

The second (and currently less important) object (which I will explain about in a moment), is to test my online marketing skills.  The book just went live a little over 12 hours ago, and the story is only 4k long.  It's also one of my older pieces, but it's one that I still really like and I've been "tweaking" it. :D

Here is the cover and the blurb:

(Note about the cover: My name is really dim on purpose, because I didn't want the extra words to take away from the picture's effect.  However, if you find this troublesome, please let me know. :D)

ZI Mara is an elite soldier in the F.A.H (that's Faeries Among Humans for those of you without fae blood).  When an enraged male ghoul escapes the faerie realms and begins on a rampage for Chicago, Mara and her friend, Officer Lee Moker, are the only ones who can stop the monster and save the humans from disaster.  However, the ghoul has already taken a large bite out of Mara's shoulder and its venom is slowly rendering her immobile.  The only hope for the people of Chicago rests in Mara's hands... and that hope could cost her her life.

(A disclaimer for those of you who are a bit more sensitive, the word "heck" is used several times throughout the story.)

The book is now available for $0.99 on Kindle. ^_^  It was not released under Magpie Eclectic Press, as it is more of an experimental personal project.

As the story is only 4k, and hasn't been previously advertised before release (which would be standard procedure with a novel), I don't expect the story to really "take off", but I still hope it does well.  I don't write short stories very often, and this is definitely one of my better pieces.  Hopefully it will help me gain a few new readers and maybe even a couple of fans... which, of course, would be nice and encouraging. :)

Here's the Amazon link:

"Blue Moon" by Nichole White

In other news, school is going well and so is the progress on Magpie's new site. :D  It's not live yet, but it's coming.  In the mean time I've been working on a new writing post called "The Delicate Art of Torture", which is about conflict and torturing your characters... *evil look*

I've also been working on more jewelry... really fun pieces which are all twisty and beaded. :)  I've created an FB page for them, and I'm working to set up an etsy shop. Here's the FB page if any of you are interested:

Handmade wire wrapped jewelry

And in between that, music theory homework, and life in general, I've also found some time to squeeze writing in through the cracks of my crazy, wonderful life.  I have a few more book reviews due to be up within a couple of weeks, and I'm really, REALLY hoping that this will be the last "update" post in a while (meaning that instead, I will be posting more book reviews, writing posts, and perhaps even hosting a contest in the near future... ^_^)

In the mean time, how about a giveaway... The prize is either a PDF or Kindle Formated author review copy of my short story "Blue Moon" (which is exactly the same as the published version, only you will be getting it for free. :D)

To join, you must:
1) follow this blog (1 pnt)
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To earn more points, you can:
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4) get a friend to follow the P&P (and for this to count, your friend must post a comment saying who it was that referred them) (3)

I wonder who will win this contest. :D  I've never hosted one like this before, so it should be interesting... good luck to you all! 


Galadriel said...

Sounds like fun.

Gillian Adams said...

Definitely want to be entered into this contest! The cover looks great Nichole and the blurb is oh so intriguing! :)

Star-Dreamer said...

Thanks Gillian. I'm glad it intrigues you. ^_^

Philip Nelson said...

I'm planning to get the story once I connect my Kindle to Amazon. (I only bought the Kindle to make sure my ebooks looked right on it.)

Star-Dreamer said...

Lol! That's still a good reason to get one though. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I don't find it troublesome, but in my opinion making your name really dim on the cover of your book was a mistake.

Fans are loyal to their authors, thats why publishers make the names of famous authors really big--sometimes bigger than the title--on the mass market books. People walking down the ailse at Walmart will notice the name of their favorite author.

I don't know if it works for ebooks too, but name recognition is always good for an author-- I think.

Just my opinion.


I like the part about the hand made jewelry, it adds some color--both literally and figuratively--to your blog. :)

Star-Dreamer said...

Hmmm... Good point, Anon. I didn't even think of that when I worked on the cover. I may have to go in and fix that now.

And I'm glad you like the jewelry. It's a lot of fun to make, that's for sure. ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm all for people self-promoting their work, that's how part of how Amanda Hocking succeeded.

I have an idea for your jewelry.
Perhaps you could incorporate the jewelry into some of your covers and even into some of youir stories like: a tribe of people that identify their members with their jewelry much like the Scottish clans identify different clans with plaid patterns on their kilts, or one of your characters tries to supplement their income with handmade jewelry sales, etc.

Just imagine how the jewelry would have sold if Hermione from The Harry Potter books--or even the whole class--wore special jewelry as magic items. :0

Just my opinion, good luck with the jewelry.


There is a reality show called Shark Tank, in which business people try to get the "sharks"--rich investors--to invest in their business. A business made of two designers who call their line LITTER jewelry, succeeded in getting two of the sharks to invest in their business. A third shark wanted to make an offer but was out manuevered by the first two sharks.

I know it might be too early, but one day you might want to be on that show.

Just my opinion. :)