Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh the Holidays!!! Crazy life and the Hobbit Movie Trailer. ^_^

Hello friends. :)

Well, it's official!  School is out, and I have passed all of my classes! ;D  And I had a job interview this morning which went rather well.  Hopefully I also get that job.

In the meantime, I've been CRAZY busy.  Which is a really good thing.  I've been able to pick up work on the commissions that had to be set aside during finals time, and I've been making more jewelry too.  I've also been able to finish reading some of the books that I've received to read and review and haven't had a chance to finish. So now that I've gotten back into reading, expect reviews on some pretty neat books!

I feel kind of bad for not being able to post a lot on the P&P though... Don't worry folks, I have some more meaningful posts coming up.  I promise!  This little blog needs some TLC and it will get it. ^_^

Right now, I'm still freaking out over the trailer that I saw this morning for the Hobbit.  Yes, LOTR fans, the official movie trailer is out, and it totally rocks!!! *dreamy sigh*  Do we really have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to watch the actual movie?  That's going to be... painful.

I'll post more meaningful stuff later!!!  Expect a review on Jill Williamson's newest book, "Replication", and a review on Wayne Thomas Batson's "Sword in the stars".  Also, I'll be posting news soon on the new constellation contest Mr. Batson is hosting for his newest book in The Dark Sea Annals, "The Errant King". All coming up soon!!!


Gillian Adams said...

Yeah for the Hobbit!!! Why, oh why, must we wait a whole 'nother year? Whew. This is going to be difficult.

Elizabeth Eiowing said...

LOTR!!! OMGOSH THE HOBBIT!!!! I LOVE THIS TRAILER!!! Uh Sorry for yelling...I am sooooo freaking excited!!! :D:D:D:D But man...a whole year.....

Jake said...


I LOVE that trailer XD EPIC.

Galadriel said...

That's how Dwarves should sing. The Children of Aule have their own songs, just as the Firstborn do.