Friday, August 19, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered What My Characters Look Like?

Seriously, have you?

I'm not a writer who normally goes around looking for pictures of my characters.  Like, ever.  Actually, I'm more like the person whose afraid to try and draw her characters for fear she won't do them justice, and who doesn't want to look for a picture that similar to them, because she thinks they are just way too unique for that.  If I could just snap a picture of my characters right out of my head to show you, I would.  Really, I would.  That's just how I am.

But the other day, I decided to actually go looking for pictures that made me think of what my characters are supposed to look like.  And (surprisingly enough) I actually FOUND SOME.  No, really! :)  Total surprise to me.  I just don't expect that sort of stuff.

So without further ado, here are (most of) the characters of SOTD.

(Disclaimer:  None of these pictures are actually mine... they are just pictures that I found on the internet that I'm using for character inspiration, and they belong to their respected owners.  That is all.)

Now, let's start with Curron, shall we?  I found three pictures for him.  :D

So this is what he looks like initially.  Just give him slightly longer hair, and WALLA!  And, interestingly enough, he's actually clean in this picture.  That's right folks... Curron doesn't always look this prim and proper.  Comes with working in the Stables a lot.  And with being a lower class servant. ^_^


There ya go.  That's more like it.  At least for the beginning of the book.  And I like this picture because I just can't decide on what his face is trying to express.  Which is fine with me: it means I can put that face in several different circumstances.  lol!

NEXT! ^_^ (I'm having fun doing that.)

This picture is fun because it's what I think Curron might look like grown up.  Not bad on the eyes, I'd say.  I like 'im. hehe!

Ok, that's all for Curron.  Now which character should I show?  Hmmm... how's about Olan?  I think I only have one picture of him...

Just make him a little bit heavier, and have him scowl at Curron a lot, and there ya go.  When Olan smiles, however, he looks pretty much like that.  Which is good to know.

Now for Caellahn:

This is probably what he looked like the night he first showed up at Fort Gallant.

 And this is a close up.  Actually, I picture his hair maybe the slightest bit shorter.  And he has blue eyes.  But still.  Good looking, no?

Here... have another. ^_^

Slightly different model for the last two pics, but you guys get the idea.  The mysterious, good-looking ranger type that the author just falls in love with as she's writing about him.  Yeah, that's Caellahn. :D  I suppose it should be that I love the MC the most.  Which I do.  But it's just so fun to think up the mystery around Caellahn... because, after all, he is a man of deep mystery.  *twinkly fingers*

Now For Allim.  You guys haven't met him yet, but he's an awesome character.  In SOTD, he and his son are the leaders of the outcast Believers.  They are Burri, which is a race I picture to look more Arabic than anything else.  They come from the deserts of Southland.  Here's a mix of pictures of what I think he (sort of) looks like... just so you guys can get an idea.  The top one resembles him the most.  (guy from lost... can't remember his name... <_<)

Yep... nothin' says that the burri can't look handsome too. :D  Allim is middle aged, but very in shape... thus that last picture.

And now for Allim's son, Drugan.  I found the perfect picture for him as well.  He's two years younger than Curron, but he looks more mature for his age and is quickly learning leadership from his father.  I have two pictures for him.  The top one is a slightly older looking version, and the bottom one looks closer to the right age but needs longer hair.

Last but not least, we have King Morven.  I'm sure you're all wondering about him.

I couldn't find anyone that looked EXACTLY like him... but I found a few things that I think are close.  Here ya go. :)

The guy would be the king, of course.  Just give him a goatee... and perhaps some sideburns.  IDK... I can't remember what color of eyes I gave him, but I think they were blue... so you'd have to change his eye color as well.

This would be Morven out hunting.  And he has longer hair.  The Morven in my story has shaggy hair, but it's not actually long.  I found a lot of the pictures of the men I looked for had long hair, but I never picture my male characters with actually shoulder length hair.  hmmm.... If you cut this guys hair shaggy up to about the bottom of his chin and taper it back around his neck, you might have it. :D

And that's all for now.  I'll leave you with one last picture...

GWALCH!  No really, that's the characters name.  He actually works in the palace, but you wouldn't know it by looking at this guy... however, if you cleaned him up a bit and made his hair whiter... maybe put him in some good clothes, you'd have him.  Gwalch really does look like this in my head.

And that's all.  Next time I'll have to do pictures of the characters from ELDREI.  See ya later. :D


Jill Williamson said...

Nice character research. Do you print them out? I like to print them and post them on a board next to my computer while I write. I don't always do it, but I like to.

Galadriel said...

How intersting. I won a sketch of one of my characters from an strange to see them in person...

Eldra said...

I love seeing what other people think their characters look like. Curron looks just like I imagined him to! And, no, I'd say the grown up version of him isn't bad on the eyes at all. ;) King Arthur-ish looking.

I'm so grateful that I have a sister who will draw out my characters whenever I ask her to. (Or almost whenever.)