Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Chance!!!

This is it: you're last chance to enter the Amazing First Chapter Contest.  We have six entries, two just put up today, and tomorrow the submissions are closed and a voting poll is going up.  If you still want to enter, send the first chapter of your novel along with the prologue (if you have one) to  Don't wait because the submissions end at 12:00am.  Anything sent to me after 5:00pm today will be put up tomorrow, but I won't accept entries after 12:00 am Tuesday Oct. 26.

This is your last chance!  Don't wait another minute!!!  :D



Adele Treskillard said...


Can I enter?? I'll send my 1st chapter right away!!!!


Star-Dreamer said...

My comp went on the fritz last night, so for anyone who reads this, yes... it's absolutely OK to send your first chapter in a day late!!! I may even put up a post about it. Though I'll have to do it a little later, as I have a class to get to. :D

Star-Dreamer said...

Oh yeah, and the pole will go up around 5:00pm tonight. :)