Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life Threw Down the Gauntlet (Subtitled: I’m going insane!)

Just in case you didn’t get the reference behind the title of this post, to “throw down the gauntlet” isn’t like the saying, to “throw in the towel”.  They sound similar but mean totally different things.

To throw down the gauntlet is actually a way to issue a challenge, and the action (as well as the phrase) originated in medieval times as a choice way for knights and lords (etc…) to challenge each other.

To throw in the towel means to give up.

For me, life threw down the gauntlet, and after picking up the challenge, I sometimes wish I could throw in the towel.  But of course I’m too stubborn and determined to do that. :P


If you thought this blog post was going to be some great informational thing, you were wrong… this is me rambling and typing stream of consciousness as fast as I can in order to maintain my sanity… because if I don’t do this, my sanity will fly out the window.  It will.  It’s already threatening to do just that and I’ve done everything short of physically chaining it to my leg in order to keep it under control. 

That, and I’m currently running on 1 ½ hours of sleep.  :P  My Music Theory 1 composition was due this morning, and of course I would decide to get creative, don’t ya know?  I started work on the composition weeks ago, but it’s really difficult to be creative and stay within a series of rather strict rules.  You can’t break any of them without getting marked down, so you really have to be kept on your toes… Yeah. 

This is what my composition sounds like: 

I would show you pictures of the composition, but I had to hand in the original to my teacher…  luckily for me I still have the rough draft… which is exactly the same as the “nice-n-neat” version, only sloppy.  Unfortunately I don’t have a camera to take a picture of it.  I put the notes of the composition into my computer’s dictation software after theory this morning and saved it as a PDF and a WAVE file… but I’m not at my computer right now so my access to pictures is non-existent. :P  The WAVE file only works because I downloaded it earlier to Soundcloud. ^_^

Let’s see… what else is happening in my life?  Oh… that Nano thing I tried???  EPIC FAIL!  Yeah, I probably wrote about 10 words and then life just decided to run me over with a proverbial bus.  So much for that idea…  I have homework due tomorrow that I am currently avoiding (but will not be able to avoid for much longer if I want to pass my classes this semester).  I also have voice juries next Friday (not this Friday, thank the Lord!) and need to finish memorizing my German piece. 


My “NEED TO READ” list of books has grown, of course… one of my classes this semester is speed reading, so that’s helped a little as far as chipping away into the living and ever growing pile of literature taking over my room…  but it’s barely dented the thing.  I have book reviews that I need to post and I just haven’t had a chance to write them… I mean, sure, taking five minutes out of my time to type up something stupid and rambling like this blog post is nothing, but sitting down to write out a thought provoking and truthful book review is another thing entirely.  If I’m going to write about the book, I should do it justice…

What I’m doing now – this thing, right now, that I am doing at my computer – is not justice.  It’s not even “just nice”… it might be “just”, but even that is pushing it. Lol! :P  Books deserve better than the half-crazed ramblings of a lunatic, and if I were not a lunatic at the moment, I would give them the better… but I don’t have it right now.  I lost it and I can’t seem to find it, so they are just going to have to do without until I remember where I put the darned thing. :P

There are other things going on in my life – big things!  Things I want to shout to the world and let everyone know about because I am so, SO excited about them!!!!  But similar to how books deserve better than my mad murmurings, I’m not going to talk about those things on here just yet… I need to be looking, sounding, and feeling better (and preferably more professional) before that happens.    But the news will come soon!

And let’s see… what else?  Oh, I picked up on the commissions I’ve been behind on… over Thanksgiving break I started working on them again, but school started again Monday and so they’ve once more been put to the side .  :P  JUST TWO MORE WEEKS!  I’m more than ready to finish up these commissions and send them off – I know that the authors who have hired me for them are ready for me to do that as well – but my concentration is split in so many different directions right now, with finals coming up and trying to make sure that I actually pass my classes (which is looking scarily unpredictable right now), and there’s also been the big things that I want to tell you about but won’t… anyway, there has been so much going on (mostly with school, though) that I simply can’t balance it all.  To those of you who commissioned me for art, I know I’ve said this before, but please bear with me: IT WILL GET DONE! 

It will… I swear it will.  But I have to be able to think straight first… :P

And the Hobbit is coming out DEC. 14… The HOBBIT…. THE HOBBIT!  I think the publicists might have planned that simply to see how much more crazy I could handle.  Seriously, they were like “Oh, she’s already almost insane… let’s see what might happen if we prepare something for her that she will absolutely freak out over.  Her stress levels can’t get THAT much higher.”  Lol!  I don’t know, I don’t know… all I know is that I’m totally stoked for the release and I hope to make it to a midnight showing… I really, really want to go to a midnight showing!  It’s going to be epicness, I’m sure!

Is there anything else, now?  Have I vented enough?  I know I’ve said a lot, but is that everything???

Well, there IS more, but I’m actually starting to feel better for having done this.  I think I might even feel better enough for me to stop typing now.  At least my hands aren’t balled up in fists around chunks of my hair anymore, and I think my breathing may have evened out some… this is quite therapeutic!

Anyway, I will stop boring you, my friends, with my crazy talk now.  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you will have an amazing Christmas to go with it!  Hopefully things will clear up in my life much sooner than I’m expecting them to (that would be wonderful!) and I’ll be able to join the blogging world, a complete human being once more, and not some half brain-dead zombie from the academic underworld. :P

Farewell!  God bless you all, and happy writing!


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