Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A chance to get a Short Story or Poem in an Anthology and get paid for it... :D

Hello Friends,

It's been a long time since I've blogged and I know that. I have a couple of really good books I'm reading, and I'm also way far behind on posting book reviews... I plan to get some of those up in the near future. :D

However, I thought that perhaps some of you might be interested in an opportunity now available through MEP. You read about it in the title of this blog post... yep, the one that says you could be published in an anthology and paid to be?

Well, here's the deal.  I have been collaborating with some of my writing and publishing friends about ways to get Magpie Eclectic Press off the ground and into the publishing world with some standing.  The idea was posed to me by a dear friend to try for an anthology... a sort of experiment to give writers a chance to see what we are looking for in Speculative fiction, work with us, see what we are really about... while at the same time putting out quality work so that readers will know to look out for us in the future.

Really, if we can pull this off, it will be win/win.

But before we can publish an anthology, we need authors who are interested in contributing to this anthology.

Now, I've looked around at other houses putting out anthologies right now.  The really really high end publishers (I mean the ones that are - like - in the big 6 and making ridiculous amounts of money, or even just really good money) can pay a very fancy one-time sum for a short story that they want to put in an anthology.  (Usually short stories don't bring in royalties, but are instead bought one at a time for use in magazines and anthologies... therefor the contract agreements are different than agreements made over novels and novellas.)

Currently, I can't afford to pay a high-end sum of money to multiple authors for an anthology.

Other, smaller but still reputable independent houses that I'm following online offer much smaller amounts of money per short story, or even no money at all.  Some houses, instead of money, offer a complimentary copy of the anthology as payment.  All of these houses are still getting submissions.

Well, seeing as I can't afford to pay a high-end sum per story, I thought why not try for a low-end one?

So here's how it is: Currently the "Write for Us" page on the Magpie Eclectic Press website is undergoing a slight edit and hopefully will be completely updated within a few weeks.  In the mean time, I'm going to post what we are accepting (short story wise) here in the blog for any of you readers who are interested in it. :)


Magpie Eclectic Press is currently accepting Short stories and poetry for a possible anthology.  Short stories are to be Approx. 3k – 6k in length and follow the regular formatting guide.

For poetry, please center the text.

Please use Times New Roman as your font, size 12. 

To submit your short story or poetry, fill out the submission form as it requests.  For poetry submissions you may type the words “Poetry Submission” in the boxes that ask for your novel premise and synopsis.  However, I would ask that you leave a brief description or “hook” for your poem in the box that asks for your novel’s hook.

Authors submitting short stories to the anthology will receive a one-time payment of $5.00 per story accepted upon the time of publication.  Authors submitting poetry will receive a one-time payment of $2.00 - $3.00 per poem accepted (depending on the length of the poem in question) upon publication.


If any of you are interested in submitting, hop on over to to find out more about our submission process, and to submit your story. ^_^


Eldra said...

What type of poetry would you be accepting? My brother writes poetry, but they're usually fairly short poems, so I'm curious if there are restrictions in terms of length and such.

Brian McBride said...

That sounds really interesting; it might be something that I might be interested in. What genre of short stories are you looking for?

Star-Dreamer said...

Brian: We are accepting speculative fiction. All that we ask is that it be kept pg-13 and down, with very minimal to no profanity (none is preferred) and that it doesn't out rightly contradict Christianity or it's beliefs. The material doesn't have to be "strictly Christian" to be submitted and accepted, just so long as it doesn't contradict Christianity... I may even throw a piece or two of my own in there. ;) Just for kicks. lol!

Eldra, the length of the poem doesn't really matter. It would be preferable, though, if it was at least 8 lines long, but it doesn't have to be. Longer or shorter poems can be submitted. :D It can be rhyming or none rhyming... and I'm not overly particular about the genre for poetry either. Poetry is sort of a genre within and of itself. :D

Eldra said...

All right, thanks! I'll definitely be letting Goose know.

How long will you be accepting entries?

Galadriel said...

I would definately be interested. You should also look at a new anthology called "Alternate Witness"--availible as an Amazon ebook, which I think is also published by a small house.

Jake said...

I might look into this. ^_^ Does fairy-tale count as speculative? ;)

And I need to do something with all of my poems gathering dust in the closet, anyway. I shall talk this over with my parents and see what goes. Thanks for the opportunity, Nichole!

Star-Dreamer said...

Eldra: Entries are being accepted until we have enough quality material to be included in the anthology. Which, in this case, means that we will not be closing submissions for it any time soon. ;)

Galadriel: thank you! I will definitely be looking into it.

Jake: Absolutely, Fairy tale counts as speculative!!! :D

Philip Nelson said...

Are you looking for exclusive rights to a story? For example, would you be interested in one of the short stories I already published in SmorgaSword?

Star-Dreamer said...

We are not asking for exclusive or first rights... in other words, we are more than willing to publish pre-published works.

We will, however, be asking for anthology rights, which, in essence, grant us the right to use your story in this anthology. We will also be discussing the right to sell the anthology (and therefore your story in the anthology) online in ebook format and through other venues.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to putting a short bio paragraph about each person with their work in the anthology? I've seen an anthology that did that.

I hope it all works out great. :)

Star-Dreamer said...

Anon: that is the plan. A short bio about the author will be put on the story's introduction page... which is the page that will also have the story's Title. :D

Philip Nelson said...

Cool! Might that bio mention books the author has written? :)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Long time no chat :)

Will you be offering reviews of the works you do/don't accept?

How soon will we find out of our acceptance/denial?

Is there a dealine?

I think I'll jump onboard this ;) Want me to plug it on my blog? My readership is down lately since I haven't posted as often but it could help!

-Nathan Keeneye

Star-Dreamer said...

Philip: It can if the author includes that in his or her bio. :)

Nathan: I do occasionally offer critique on stories or manuscripts that I see potential in but do not think quite ready for publication. I will mention this in the email I send which ever person it is that submitted the story, and I ask if they would like to see my comments and suggestions. If they say yes, I send them back the document with my comments/suggestions. If they say no, the story is deleted from my hard-drive along with the comments. :D

There is currently no deadline for submissions. Later in the process, when I am seeing enough submissions come in that I know the anthology will have enough stories in it to print, I will put a deadline on submissions so that I can start planning a publication date.

As I receive short stories and poetry, I will be reading through all submissions and categorizing them. As soon as a solid decision has been made as to whether a story will be accepted for the anthology, or whether the story will be denied is when the author will be contacted with the result of the decision. Sometimes this takes longer than can be expected as all elements of the story must be considered before the decision is final, but the author will always receive a reply. :)

Great! I can't wait to read your submissions. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi, a friend sent me the website link, and I just wanted to ask if you would consider stories closer to 1500 words? I wrote one for a contest with a word limit smaller than 3K - it won, but I'm wondering if it's just too short to even think about submitting it.



Star-Dreamer said...

Anon, I would definitely take them into consideration. If you submit your story, I will try to get back to you about it. Thank you for asking. :)