Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun in Music


As some of you know, I am a college student working towards a double major in English and Music.  Last year was my first semester in Music Theory (even though I've been at my college doing gen-eds for three years now... :P).  I was so excited!  I had a lot of fun last year learning as much as I could about music and how it all works together.  I also started piano lessons.  But the best part of all was learning how to write music.

Now, I've been a musician for years... I sing, and write songs, play the guitar, and I could still plunk out songs on the piano, even though I couldn't read or write music.  But now, I'm starting to understand how music works together and it's PHENOMENAL!  I love it so much!

I spent a lot of time in the piano practice rooms last year, composing small pieces and writing down the music.  One of the pieces that I wrote I was actually able to play for my piano final, which was super exciting!  Afterward, I decided I wanted to be able to listen to it, so I found a software that let me play around with synthesized sounds to create music.  Following the sheet music I had, I put the notes in and played around with them a bit, adding some here and there.  This is how it turned out and I hope you like it!  The song is titled "Waves" because the music made me think of the ocean.  It's a little repetative, but I hope in this next semester to be able to add bits and pieces to it to make it more... eh... interesting. :)


Jaleh D said...

Not bad. I wrote music back in high school, but I done any since then. It's sort of fun putting down notes and hearing what comes out. Have fun with it. :)

Philip Nelson said...

Reading music is awesome. :) I remember the first time I saw Bach's own handwritten music for one of his organ pieces (first page from the BWV 544 Prelude), and it looked amazing to me; it was hiding wonderful secrets.

Enjoy it. :) And I liked your music.