Friday, December 9, 2011

Updates and sparkly JEWELRY!!!! :D (Updated)

(Updates:  The pendant and chain "The Birth of New Life" and the silver and blue earrings "Icicles" have been spoken for.  Thank you!  ^_^)

Hello friends!

What do you know!  I made it on before the end of the month this time. lol!

Well, I told you I would post more to let you know what's been going on in my life.  It's been kind of hectic, but in a winding down, School's-almost-over, pleasant sort of way.

Unfortunately I was forced to quit my part time job about a month ago because of a clashing schedule and not enough pay to make it truly worth it.  It was a rather sad day, because I really, really liked that job... I was a writing consultant at my college.  But, with that said, since I pulled the plug on it, my grades have picked up a little bit in my other classes.  Now I'm looking for something to keep the bills paid over the holidays and next semester... putting in my application as often as possible, and picking up art commissions in between to help with gas and insurance. (I'll be posting pictures of the commissions soon.  The latest is coming along very nicely... almost finished. ^_^)  It's not a lot, but I'm SO grateful that people like my art enough to have me do artwork for them. :)  I never dreamed I would get the chance before.


On the note of picking up the odd job here and there, I've started making jewelry.... again... <_<  That is to say, I've made it before when I was younger, but back then it was only made for me, and it wasn't as good-looking or as complicated as it is now. :)  Now, I make the jewelry under the "company" name "Personalities" (which was my mothers idea. ;)  In fact, my mom and my sisters and I craft under that title now. ^_^) I started making the Jewelry for a craft fair here in central IL, and I got a lot of large compliments over it.  So... I decided to offer it here on the P&P.  I told you yesterday that I would put prices up with the pictures, if you are interested in buying any of the pieces.  If you decide to buy a piece, thank you very much!  The money will help keep me in a car over the holidays. ^_^  And I apologize in advance for the slightly blurry pictures. :P  I was having trouble with the camera.

(note: Consider all pieces completely hand crafted from scratch unless otherwise noted.  Pieces marked NA are not for sale.  Please note, though, that some of the pieces can be replicated upon request, as I wrote down the patterns as I was creating them.  All jewelry currently available was made entirely from scratch. Shipping and handling is not included in the prices listed below.  Please consider about $3.00 for shipping and handling as you make your selection to cover packaging and shipping.  I am currently accepting checks until the Paypal account for "Personalities" is set up.  Packages will be shipped after payment is received.  Thank you!)

(Pair of Earrings)
Title: Ring Around the Sun
Price: currently NA (pending)

(pendant and chain)
Title: The birth of New Life
Price: $16  SOLD
(note: The chain is not hand crafted)

(Hand crafted chain)
Title: Frills and Lace
(more can be made upon request)
Price: $12

(pair of earrings)
Title: Christmas Cheer
(more can be made upon request)
Price: $10

Title: Spring's Revelry
Price: $20

2 bracelets (1 child - 1 adult)
Title: Summer's Ice
(more can be made upon request)
Child's bracelet price: $5
Adult's bracelet price: $6

Title: Burning the Yule Log
Price: Currently NA (pending)

(pair of earrings)
Title: Icicles
(more can be made upon request)
Price: $10  SOLD

(pendant and chain)
Title: The music of Christmas
Price: NA
(note: The chain is not hand crafted)

Title: Christmas Lace
Price: NA

Title: Unity Ever Green
Price: $10

And that's it for now.  I hope you like the pictures!!!  There will be more to come soon.  And, if you are interested in buying any of the pieces, just let me know in a comment.  First come first serve.  I'll be setting up a paypall account soon so that things can be taken care of quicker and with less hassle.

In other news, Wayne Thomas Batson is hosting another contest to promote his latest book, "The Errant King".  More word on that in a later post... Perhaps I'll get it up later this afternoon.  For now, it's back to classes and finals! :P   See you all later!!! ^_^


Gillian Adams said...

Wow! Beautiful jewelry! Hmm, I'll have to look into buying some in the future!

Star-Dreamer said...


I'm glad you like it Gillian. :D I hope I priced it reasonably. It's always been hard for me to price my own stuff. :P I don't like to, but you know how it goes.

Beverly Nault said...

I tweeted a link to your lovely jewelry!

Star-Dreamer said...

Thank you so much!! ^_^

Jessica said...

This is all so beautiful! I think my favorite is frills and lace. It's so lovely. Do you ever do any work with pearls?
Have you ever considered getting an Etsy shop?

You might find a nice little nitch there, at it might be easier to run your shop.

Have a lovely day!


Gillian Adams said...

Yes, your pricing seems really fair! I think my favorites are either the frills and lace or the Spring's Revelry. So lovely! *checks wallet* still empty! *sigh* ;)