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Want to learn more about my Characters? Well here ya go…

  • So, Squeaks over at did a very large character tag, and then she tagged anyone who wanted to be tagged.  I liked the idea, so I decided to do the tag as well.  The only difference between my tag and her tag is that the three characters I chose to do the tag on are from three different WIPs.  However, like her tag, I chose two male characters and one female character.  It definitely proved to be interesting…

    The rules:
    1. I pick three characters
    2. I make my characters answer these questions
    3. I tag three people

    Here are my 3 chosen characters and their WIPs (respectfully): 
    ·                     Dakore (Eldrei)
    ·                     Caellahn (Song of the Daystar)
    ·                     Aura (The Spinner’s Apprentice)

    Now… *rubs hands together*  Let’s begin.

    Do you want a hug?
    Dakore:  Hugging is not essential, and in times like these, such a show of affection is probably best kept limited.  In times of crisis, one simply cannot afford to put too much energy into such a menial act.  Of course, times of grief or great joy might call for such shows of fondness or warmth… I admit that I’ve enjoyed a hug or two on occasion.  However, it is a display best kept private, in my mind.  One might even call it sacred.

                Caellahn: Hugs are personal things.  Fling them out every which way and someone might call you fickle.  Never give out any, and someone might call you callous.  But hugs are capable of healing and of helping.  They connect one person to another person in a deep, heat-felt way.  Ever hug someone and feel like you understand them better for it, like their emotions are overflowing into you?  That’s what hugs are capable of, so give them out wisely, or risk getting deeply hurt.
    Aura: Hugs are nice but not necessary.  I miss them though.  Father used to hug me a lot more, but since I’ve grown up he’s all but stopped.  I think he and mother used to hug at times, but he never talks about it too much.  And I think I look so much like mother now, that it almost hurts him to think of hugging me.  He never told me how she disappeared; I just know she’s gone.  I wonder if she would hug me… I bet she would.  I’d probably like it too…  
    Now, if it were Ganeff doing the hugging, I’d like it with no questions asked, but I’d punch him anyway.  Especially if he hugged me out of concern… he should know I can handle my own affairs without his nose and quick fingers poking into my business.  *hair-flip* And don’t you dare tell him I said I’d like it.  Then I’d have to punch you too.  *sniff*

    Do you have any kids?
                Dakore:  Simply, no.  I’ve never married, though that’s not to say I wouldn’t marry if I had the chance.  However, my heart lies with only one Ellahni, but she does not know it.  She may never know.  I would tell her, but I was faithful to her husband while he lived, and I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to let her know my heart, even after all these years.  Besides, I can’t be certain she’s still alive, though I’ve heard rumors she is.  If, Nildor willing, I ever see her again, then perhaps I will tell her; after all I care for her children… there’s certainly a chance she might understand.

                Caellahn: No.  My work keeps me from settling down.  Would I ever consider the option?  Maybe one day, but not for many years.  My heart lies in the fields and over the mountains and beneath forest canopies, and more often than not it’s dangerous.  It’s no life to lead a family into.  A wife and children need a home: right now I have none and I don’t plan to find one any time soon.  Besides that, my life’s earnings at the moment are a mere pittance and not nearly enough to support more than one person.  It’s unethical to think of raising a family on such terms.

                Aura: Not yet, but one day… if I’m ever allowed that.  I wonder if Spinners can have families…? O_o 

    Have you killed anyone?
                Dakore: Out of necessity, yes.  Warriors cannot hope to be called such without laying sword to skin or spilling blood.  But I don’t kill unless it is called for; I am not an assassin, but I am, as one might say “well equipped”.
    Caellahn:  It’s sometimes called for.  However, all blood must be accounted for.  Times are troubling indeed, when one man must kill another in order to live in relative peace.  I do not take pride in the blood spilled, but regret is something I can’t afford.
    Aura:  Of course.  I wouldn’t be a Rover if I hadn’t.  What sort of thief do you take me for?

    Love anyone?
                Dakore: She doesn’t know.

                Caellahn: Not to this point in time.  Although, there was this one girl YEARS ago…

                Aura: I’m not sure if it’s actually “love” yet, or just “really, really like”.  But if he’s too dense to figure it out, then I don’t plan to tell him. *mischievous grin*

    What is your job?
                Dakore: I was the Standard Bearer for King Brentide the Silver, while he still lived.  After his death, I became Head Advisor to her majesty, Nillana the Saphire.  Now, I watch over her children as they travel back to the land of their heritage.  It’s not an easy task, to say the very least… there is much they have to learn in order to return, and Gorrak will stop at nothing to slay them.  But how could I call myself loyal to the Ellahni Throne if I weren’t willing to take on the dangers involved in returning the heirs?
    Caellahn: One might say I have two jobs, but to speak of them now ruins so much of my story that I shall respect my Author’s wishes and remained close-mouthed.  Besides, it is rather dangerous to speak of such things outright.  I am a man of secrets, and it rather defeats the purpose of my work if I spell out all my secrets for other eyes to see.  O_o
    Aura:  I guess you could say that my way of life is my job… or it was at the beginning of my story.  Rovers live by thieving, for the most part.  We’re similar to gypsies, I guess, only I suppose you could say that we are much more “dastardly”.  Of course, now I’ve been told that I’m supposed to take on a “new” job… or role in life.  Supposedly I’m supposed to be the new “Spinner” in Telltale, and from what Hawk tells me, “The Spinner is the person who spins and weaves all the stories, yarns, tales, myths, and legends throughout the land; without the Spinner, Telltale couldn’t survive.”  But I don’t want to be the Spinner… THEY CAN’T MAKE ME!!!  Hmph!!

    Favorite season?
                Dakore:  The seasons of Nerovell are such fascinating things: we don’t have such things in Narra, but they are spellbinding to watch.  I am rather partial to Winter, myself.  It is cold, but the sky always seems the clearest in the deep winter and I can see my home much better than in some of the other seasons.
    Caellahn:  I think I prefer the Autumn.  The climate is much less severe than in Summer and Winter, and it makes traveling so much more accommodating.
    Aura:  I think I’d have to say Summer.  The heat isn’t so bad when you live in the deep forest, and its fun to go swimming on the worst days.  Besides, there are so many beautiful colors to look at in the summer!!  Rover’s Wood ends up looking like someone splattered colorful paint all over everything. Hehe!

    Who's your best friend?
                Dakore: I was not just King Brentide’s Standard Bearer: we’d been friends since we were boys, and the mutual love for one another’s company just sort of spilled over into our adult lives.  Since his death, I cannot say that I have a best friend of any sort, though I find Nolan extremely intriguing, and there’s something to be said about Shaina’s loyalty.

                Caellahn: Best friend?  Can’t say that I have one, or that I’ve ever had one for that matter.  Even as a boy, I was the one who liked to strike out alone to explore the deep dark wood.  You wouldn’t believe how many wonderful secrets a single forest can hold beneath its boughs, and so many people are too afraid of the shadows to discover them.  I refused to be that sort of person then, and that’s why I am the person I am now.

                Aura:  Ganeff is my best friend, and he’s got a big enough head for it too.  He’s lucky I like him and that my dad’s the Rogue, or his quick fingers might get him in more trouble than he’s worth. ;)

                Dakore:  These days I end up staring at the sky and thinking a lot.  I miss home terribly, and the promise of returning is forever on my mind.  However, I’m also training Tibain in sword play and both he and Arien are learning the bow. (Don’t tell Tibain, but Arien is doing much better at it than he is…)  Besides that, however, I’ve found that I enjoy fishing and mending… While the children were young I had Lauring teach me how to sew.  I also enjoy planting things in the earth where Erolyn’s Gift is best put to work.

                Caellahn: Knife throwing.  After all, one can’t be too careful and practice makes perfect.  Not to be boastful, but I believe my skills might even be comparable to Allim.  He would never admit it though.   Besides knives, however, I have this thing for good wine and the making of such…

                Aura: Oh, Ganneff might say my hobby is getting myself into trouble.  Actually, though, I love colors.  All colors.  I would like to learn how to dye cloth, though my father says that’s an inappropriate task for the daughter of the Rogue and the future Rover Queen.  I don’t see his point.  Besides that, however, I like to bow-hunt and tree-hop.  Rover’s Wood is just brimming with adventure for an overly active teenage girl. *grin*

    What are you going to do when this tag is over?
                Dakore: I suppose I shall have to get back to my story, mustn’t I?  My author is kind enough to give me a break every once in a while from the rigors of life, but I can’t very well let those two walking hazards I call “charges” alone for more than a few minutes: believe me, I’ve tried and they get in more trouble than it’s worth.  *Dakore glances back at Tibain and Arien.  Arien waves and Tibain grins, hiding something behind his back. Dakore sighs and shakes his head.* 
    Caellahn:  Continue on with life, I guess.  I can never say what’s going to happen to me next, so I try to keep an open mind.
    Aura: I plan to go roaming Rover’s Wood.  I still haven’t figured out what those lights are out by Thatcher’s Corner, and that old Gypsy Cart is still around here somewhere… Though hopefully it’s long gone from Lorg Way.  *shivers*

    Okay... What is your eye color?
                Dakore: Golden Brown.  It’s not a common color among the Ellahni, so I am what some might call “an interesting phenomenon”.  It seems to be natural among the humans, though, so I’ve “fit in” rather well in Midgard and Nerovell.
                Caellahn: Deep blue.  I’m told my eyes remind people of a very deep pool of water at times.  There are rumors that my eyes are “magic”, but don’t believe a word of it.  The tricks practiced by traveling magicians are as fake as a Búrri’s blond hair, and Anahdor’s gifts far outweigh the things associated with the word.
                Aura:  Bright blue.  I’m told they sometimes glow, and I can see better in the dark than most people, even father. 

    Are you good? Or bad?
                Dakore: I would say I’m good.  At least I’m on the side of Nildor and of justice, and my intentions aren’t double-sided.  I have only one wish which is to see Brentide’s throne restored to its former glory, and to see the stain of Gorrak and his minions washed away forever.

                Caellahn: I suppose it depends on which side you’re on, doesn’t it?  One way or another, I am what I am; by Anahdor’s grace, I am cleansed from my former sins and made new, but under King Morven’s law I am considered a lawbreaker.  However I’m sure King Morven does not believe that he is evil or that what he’s doing is wrong.  It just depends on your point of view.
                Aura:  Oh, I’m most definitely bad. *mischievous grin*  They don’t call me an outlaw for nothin’!

    What is your greatest fear?
                Dakore: That all I am and all I am doing to save Nerovell and my people from destruction will not be enough.  That my charges will be captured and slaughtered by the hands of the Rhúgar.  That my home and race will be destroyed and that Gorrak will win.

                Caellahn: I don’t have time to think of fear: it just gets in my way.  Besides, with Anahdor beside me, who shall stand against me?  My fears were washed away along with my sins.

                Aura:  It used to be that I feared my father’s disapproval above all else, but now I’m more afraid for my future.  I refuse to be something I don’t want to be!!! I don’t care what fate or the stupid Tale has in mind!  But things keep getting more and more difficult and what if I’m forced into something I can’t back out of?  A Rover’s always supposed to have an escape… what if I can’t find one?  What if I can’t escape myself?

    What do you think of your parents?
                Dakore:  I love my parents dearly and miss them terribly.  They are still alive as it is… Ellahni live for centuries and longer for the most part.  My father, aged as he was, still fought in the battle on the plains now known as Mornéa Arneth.  My mother is known for her voice and her weavings; she was the one who taught Lady Nillana how to create tapestries. 

                Caellahn:  My father was the previous Commander at Fort Gallant in the south of Aliyia, and my mother was a mistress to him.  She never married.  I loved her dearly, but feared my father to a degree.  He seemed to favor me over his older son by his legal wife, yet he was very strict and easily lost his temper.  When I became older, I hated him for years for how I was conceived: why couldn’t he have married my mother as well?  Taking multiple wives was not something that was encouraged in Alayia before King Morven’s time, but it was not unheard of either, especially among the Búrri people who originated from Southland and traded at the fort; some Búrri even made their homes in Vellingsford and Chaiter.  I ended up leaving the fort altogether.  Only in my late teenage years did I forgive my father, once the Elder’s found me and taught me about Anahdor.

                Aura:  I don’t remember much about my mother… I hardly ever saw her when I was little; she seemed to flit in and out of camp and she would be gone for weeks to return one night and be gone again the next morning.  However, my father loved her so much that he actually married her.  He has an old portrait of her that he keeps hidden in a locket.  He never shows the locket to anyone, but I’ve managed to snitch it before and take a look inside.  I was only caught once.  I think my mother was beautiful, and I’m told I look very much like her, which pleases me, but I think it sometimes stirs old wounds in my father’s heart.  One night she never came back, and he never talks about it.  I don’t hate her for leaving or anything… I sort of feel indifferent about it.  After all, I hardly ever saw her to begin with, and then it was mostly in the shadows of evening.  Besides, I have my father to watch over me and protect me, and I love him very much.  He can be a bit stern at times, but I know that he’s only trying to look out for me.  I think it would devastate him if I somehow disappeared.    

    Any siblings?
                Dakore: No.  I was an only child, though Brentide and I were so close sometimes that we were referred to as brothers.

                Caellahn: I have a half-brother: Olan, current Commander at Fort Gallant.  But, sad as it is to say, our hearts are far from brotherly towards each other.  The favor of my father drove a rift between us when we were just boys and Olan has never gotten over it.  Perhaps he never will.

                Aura:  I have many brothers and sisters, though only two of them are related fully by blood.  My full sister’s name is Tellien, and my full brother’s name is Quincey, after my father.  After that, there’s the twins, Bardon and Bradon, by a goose girl named Ellurin Mckyzie: then Shawna by a shop keeper’s daughter named Rowa Vúrshwin.  Then comes Leah and Darren by the High-Born Lady, Neúlli Ethilen.  After that comes Sahléa (girl), Nathanial, and Corra, by a shepherdess named Adwyna Warryn; Jahslyn (girl), Mathella (boy), and Marcus by a Thatcher’s daughter called Merathé Eddinrow, and finally there’s Camelli (girl), Adrian (boy) Nemyna (girl), and Candor (boy) by the peasant girl Yennirell Fellington.  So all in all that equals… *does math in her head* … 17 brothers and sisters?  Yeah… that’s a lot.  *sighs*  And it’s hard to keep track of them all.  See, I’m the oldest and all of Rogue Quince’s (my father’s) children live here in Rover’s Wood after their mother’s affairs were discovered.  Since the children’s father was a Rover, they couldn’t be kept in the towns for fear that the children would take on their father’s thieving, mischievous qualities, so they were banished to the woods.  I wouldn’t say it’s a bad life… The old Rover ladies are as good to them as they were too me, and since they are Rogue Quince’s children they get treated rather well.  However, I don’t really approve of my father’s dallying.  I suppose he thinks of it as some sort of accomplishment, being the Rogue and all… he certainly didn’t get THAT title by sitting around all day.  But there’re enough mouths to feed as it is without him constantly adding to them, and it sort of makes me feel like he doesn’t care a whit for his real wife – my real mother – even though she’s gone now. 

    Was it fun to answer all these questions?
                Dakore: It was interesting and quite refreshing, to be truthful.  I enjoy the few moments I get to reflect and remember.

                Caellahn:  Oh, there are probably other things I should be doing right now, but I don’t mind answering questions every once in a while.  I was bored to start with, as my author hasn’t moved on in chapter 3 yet which means I’m still waiting to get to the action part.  *whistles nonchalantly*

                Aura:  I think it’s fun. *grin* But then again, I’m a character that has been shelved for over a year, so it’s nice just to get out of all that cyber dust. *cough-cough*

    Sure thing... Do you have any weaknesses?
                Dakore:  Hmmm… a weakness… I value life highly and if anything were to happen to my charges, I’m not sure what would happen to me.  I AM sure that I don’t want to find out.  <_<

                Caellahn:  Weaknesses?  Well, nothing really comes to mind… that’s not to say I don’t have a weakness, but rather that I never really know what my weakness may be at the time.  Might it be a life, or a part of my body, or a saying, or what?  I guess I’ll never really know until I’m tried.  Now, I’ve been challenged before and my weaknesses have proven to be different things, but never the same thing twice, as odd as that sounds.  Once my weakness was the thought of losing one of my big toes… *shivers*  (Long, scary story, that one.) Another time, it was utter darkness that near drove me to insanity.

                Aura: A weakness… I’m not really sure.  I love my brothers and sisters dearly, so I would hate to lose one of them.  However, up to this point in my life there’s not a whole lot I’ve had to be afraid of… Well, on second thought, there was that one time with the Living  Nightmare, but that’s more of a fear than a weakness.

    Your favorite element?
                Dakore: I believe mine would have to be a combination of air and water.  I can’t explain why… it just FEELS right.  *shrugs*
                Caellahn:  Mine would have to be the earth.  I’m a traveling sort of person and I live off of the terrain…
                Aura:  Mine is a mixture of earth and water, I think.  Earth because it makes me think of Rover’s Wood, and I LOVE Rover’s Wood.  Water because… I don’t know.  Because I love it; does there really need to be a better explanation?

    Do you care what others think of you?
                Dakore: No.  Well… maybe a little, but not for vanity’s sake.  I care what Nillana might think of me once I return to Narra, and I care that my charges look to me much like they would look at a father.  But as far as worrying over what others might say about my appearance, I am not so petty as that.

                Caellahn:  In my line of business, looks matter very much.  But I won’t say more on that, lest I give too much away. ;)  Personality wise, I am who I am: other people can think well of me or not as they chose but that’s their own prerogative and I could care less.

                Aura:  Yes!  To be quite honest, I’m tired of the drab Rover’s wear.  I’d like to add color to my wardrobe and see what might happen for once.  But I know that such disobedience would surely enrage and discourage my father; Ganeff’s approval is second only to his.

    Your theme song?

    What's your species?
                Dakore:  I am Ellahni… that is, what some humans might call those of us with “heavenly” lineage.  Not Angels, nor anything like the Vatta by far.  But perhaps, to put it more bluntly, you might understand me better if I tell you that I am Star Born.
                Caellahn:  I am simply and humbly human.  *bows*

                *Nichole in Aura’s Stead*  Hello, bloggy friends!  Aura is only half human.  However, she is currently unaware of this fact and of the other half of her lineage through her mother’s side.  And since she doesn’t know it, I couldn’t very well have her tell you what it is, now could I?  And I would rather her not find out just yet, so I banished her from this last question.  *grin*  But I’ll tell you anyway, and hopefully she won’t sneak back in and notice.  Her mother was a High Born Fae, the Lady Mirra illuséon, later to become Mirra Mackindorn.

    And that’s all.  It was a very long tag… it actually took me several hours to fill out, because I had to go into my characters’ heads and think of their answers.  But because of that very fact, it was also extremely fun.  I think I even learned a few things. :)

    Like Squeaks, I’m just gonna tag anyone who wants to be tagged.  And if you do decide to do this, then I would love it if you would let me know; I like to learn about other characters. :D



Adele Treskillard said...

Suh-weet! My fav. parts of course were Caellahn's!

"Caellahn: Best friend? Can’t say that I have one, or that I’ve ever had one for that matter. Even as a boy, I was the one who liked to strike out alone to explore the deep dark wood. You wouldn’t believe how many wonderful secrets a single forest can hold beneath its boughs, and so many people are too afraid of the shadows to discover them. I refused to be that sort of person then, and that’s why I am the person I am now."

^Nice! And the part about autumn being such a good traveling time... too ;)

Your ink-stained friend,


Jaleh D said...

This was really cool! I especially liked Aura's answers. I might have to do this with a few of my characters. Maybe sometime this next week.

Star-Dreamer said...

Thanks guys! It was really fun for me too. Aura is a squirt and a trouble maker so her answers always have a little mischief in them. Caellahn's answers are probably the most thought out right now, since I've been working with him for a couple days now. Dakore sounds a little angsty... might have to fix that. But I totally loved doing this! :)

Jaleh, if you do it, let me know! I want to read what your characters say. :D

Galadriel said...

If I do this, I'll let you know