Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stepping Back

Hello friends. :D  You're probably wondering where on earth I've been for the past few weeks, and with good reason: I mean, even I admit that I've practically disappeared from the blogosphere.  I don't like the fact, but it's happened. *sigh*

And this is why I am writing this post.  School is almost out... I only have two weeks left and then finals... and I really need to concentrate on homework.  So I've decided to cut back on blogging.  Actually, the decision was made several weeks ago, thus my lack of posts, but now it is official.  Until school is over, you won't be seeing very much of me.

I know I've been promising posts for a while: There's one on Content and Presentation, one on Prayer in Christian Writing, and of course the one about last week's Home School Convention and meeting Mr. Appleton (which was indeed amazing! :D)  I've planned these posts of weeks, but just don't have time to write them yet.

And so I'm going to say goodbye now.  I won't disappear completely: you'll probably see me floating around the blogosphere and maybe I'll post one or two things here at the P&P to help me relieve the stress that comes with the end of semester, but until school is over I'm stepping back.  It's a hard decision to make -- I do love my social networking! ;) -- but I think it's necessary for me to pass these classes.

So that's all for now.  Just thought you guys deserved an explanation.



R.P.H said...

Very understandable Nichole :-) We will miss you, but we'll hear from you again soon. Enjoy your last two weeks of school... yeah! Looking forward to your post when you return.

God's care,

Jaleh D said...

School definitely comes first, but I look forward to your planned posts. I hope you do well with the homework and finals, and we'll see ya when you finish up.