Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh America! :(

Oh America! Look how far you've fallen!

Oh Man kind, how low you have brought yourself! To the very dirt… to the dirt!

Can't you see your error? Can't you see? You have become a broken people, fighting, dissenting, debating Me! Debating My purposes for you… Debating My words. Do I mean them? Perhaps I only gave them to you as guidelines… I could not have meant what I said. I only gave My words to you to hold you back…

Oh America! Look up! Look to Me! Seek Me out! I am waiting here to comfort you, waiting here to hold you close… I long to wrap my arms around you! I long to show you all I have purposed for you! I long to reveal the mysteries of Myself to your eyes… to your hearts!

But you push Me away. You shun me, and your sons and daughters debate the political and literary purpose of my Holy Word. You say, "why would He say that? He cannot love us if he says that. He cannot have meant what he said, if he truly loves us."

Oh America! Look how far you've fallen!

Will you not rise up and see the sun I created for your eyes? Breathe the air I made into being for your lungs?

"It is a jest!" You say, "All but a game! We will put God in a Box and we will make Him play for us! We will say, 'There is a God, but only if He does what we want him to do… only if He acts a certain way.'

Oh My People! You have fallen far indeed.

But not so far that I will not rescue you. Not so far that you can call to me and I will not hear. No… not so far. I can still hear your cries, your pleas for help. I can still hear your moans as the prince of earth struggles to strangle you, as he throws his chains about you and wraps you in deceit. I reach out to you… but you look away. You do not really want my help.

Oh America! Look up to me! Seek me as you once did! Find me in the secret place where we once met, the place where your nation was first built! Find me in the solitude of your heart and the quiet stillness of My truth! Look for me by the still waters; sleep in My green pastures… I will meet you there!

Oh America!!!! Come back to Me!!!!


I kept hearing that ring in my head as I was sitting through my history class today. We are talking about the founding of our nation, and how many people crossed over from Britain to seek religious freedom. Then the class started discussing the morals of the Bible and God's true purpose for giving us the Bible, and whether it should be taken at face value or taken selectively, and whether or not God would be such a hypocrite as to say He loves people and then supposedly not love gay people… I was so close to just walking out it's not even funny. But throughout the entire debate, I kept hearing in my head, "Oh America, look how far you've fallen!" and seeing flashes of things throughout history. And then I would hear, "You were built on my principals… that is the only reason you have survived. And the only reason Mankind has survived is because you keep turning to Me… but then you turn away again, and fall even farther than before…"

So anyway. I just thought I'd share. Take this how you will…



Adele Treskillard said...

America...ick... :P major problems...

Star-Dreamer said...

*nods* very much so. It is so sad. And as the the newer generation, the best we can do is try to straighten our own lives out with God so that we take His principals with us into adulthood.

The problem is, many people in the newer generation are even more confused than the older one... :( So for young Christians to strive for such accomplishments and the betterment of the nation... well, it may change a few things but it won't solve everything.

Galadriel said...

Thank you for letting us glimpse the cry of your heart.

The Director said...

Wow... all I can say is wow. Yeah, we *coughAmericacough* is really.... yeah. We live in a fallen world. *sighs* But I pray. I cry. I read posts like this. Oh yeah- thanks, Nicole ;)

Vrenith said...

Just a thought--you know, the government sort of failing could be from their lack of... faith. From their turning away from God.
Just a thought.

Ah, I totally know what you mean.

Star-Dreamer said...

Directer and Vren: you both are so right. *nods*