Monday, November 22, 2010

Ah! Tied again!!!! A Change of Tactics

He!  You guys are making this difficult.  As many of you know, we are having a poll-voting battle over who the third place winner is in "The Amazing First Chapter Contest".  This last poll was supposed to decide, but it looks like we have another tie.  Originally I was going to have the poll continue until we actually had a winner, but you guys have proved to me that you like both entries and so we'll do this instead:

You see, there has been a turn of events.  The first place winner, Squeaks, relinquished her right to the first pick of the three books to Jake who chose "Watership Down" (which is, indeed, about rabbits both good an evil, but he already knew that.  :D).  Because of this, I've decided that both Jakes and Galadriel will be given the title of Third Place, but the other book will be given to Galadriel.

Still waiting on a choice from our second place winner, Adele.  :D

So Gladriel, send me your mailing address, and as soon as I get Adele's choice, I'll send you your prize.

Coming up later: the highly anticipated review of the new movie, "Voyage of the Dawn Treader"!  Keep checking in...



Jake said...

Excellent choice. :) I was going to suggest something similar... :)

Squeaks said...

:) *whispers* Squeaks is a girl XD *grins*

Signed with an arch of light,


Star-Dreamer said...

Ah! LOL! I KNOW THAT!!! I do... I REALLY DO!!! Why do I keep making that mistake!


My apologies. I'll fix that in the post. :D I'm so sorry squeaks!

Squeaks said...

*hehe* no problem :)


Adele Treskillard said...


I sent you an email, did you not receive it? lol Woops! :( Umm, well, the Dragon Rider looks cool to me. Unless someone else wants it. I'll take whatever, ok? It's just cool to get a book at all, since my first chapter needed to be edited So Much! (and has been, thanks to you! ;)


Star-Dreamer said...

No, I never got it. Weird... But you can have Dragon Rider. :D I'll send you an email to confirm.

That means Galadriel get's "Submerged". Awesome! Seriously, that book is one I could not put down until the very last page.