Thursday, September 23, 2010

For those Horse-Lovers out there :D

Going through my old documents the other day, I came across a poem that I wrote years ago and then forgot about.  I wrote it when I was 16, so that was ages ago considering that I'll turn 22 on Sunday.  But 16 was a very, very special year.  It wasn't the year that I got my driver's liscence, oh no!  I didn't do that until I was 18.  But it was about a week after my 16th birthday that I started writing the RD for "Eldrei".  Yes, it's been that long!  And I'm happy to say that Eldrei's rewrite is going extremely well.  :)

So anyway, I've written well over a hundred poems in my short life, mostly because of the fact that I didn't try to write a novel until I was 16.   I completely forgot I had written this poem, but finding it in my old documents and dusting it off, here is a poem for you Horse-Lovers out there.  :D

"Still Run the Phantom Horses"

By Nichole White

Can you  hear them beating on the wind?
The hooves of those long gone...
When once they tramped the ground with pride
Ran neck to neck, and side by side
And carried swiftly on
The Spirit of the Wilderness.
But now that they are gone,
How dimly to our eyes yet see
The portrait of what used to be.

When once they roamed the land all free
And under no man's rule -
No whip to break and scourge their backs;
No reins to keep thier feet on track,
And they were no one's tool -
They roamed the land all fair and free
Away from masters cruel,
Or wise and kind...
They ran upon their own design.

But long now have they faded off,
And yet there is running still
The heirs to all the western lands
Away from weather-beaten hands
And farther from the till,
Or leather straps that strain and hold.
There, running with them still,
Thier sires of old to keep their courses:
Still run the Phantom Horses.


Eldra said...

Beautiful. I could actually feel the wind whipping by as the horses raced through grassy fields.

Star-Dreamer said...

Yeah! I'm so glad. :)

Jaleh D said...

Nice cadence. It accents the theme of galloping horses, their heads leaning into the wind.